About us.

From black art to scientific process.

Many years back, from one day to another, the founder of Scientific Software, Dr Martin Ferus-Comelo, found himself to be the manager of a fairly large dyehouse - due to an unlikely coincidence and without ever having studied textiles or textile dyeing. Thanks to the knowledge and support of his co-workers he survived in the job and appreciated its challenges and rewards. After years in industry, he decided to to go back to college in order to do his PhD in colour chemistry at the University of Leeds, UK so that he could complement his practical experience with a sound theoretical base.

Back at college, he was astonished by the amount of scientific literature which has been accumulated in this field over many decades. He discovered that while it was true that little of it was needed to get on with a job in industry it was equally true that knowledge helped to improve job performance and also made the job more interesting. In 2006, he set up Scientific Software in Panaji, Goa in order to translate scientific methods and concepts into industrial practice.

Much of the work of Scientific Software centres around the use of an on-line dyebath monitoring system to analyse and improve dyeing processes, both of the exhaust and of the continuous type. We have also ventured into new areas such as digital imaging of textiles samples using scanner technology.

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