Research Report No 1: Performance analysis of levelling agents for polyester

Certain disperse dyes, e.g. Blue 354, tend to produce unlevel dyeings when they are applied at low dye amounts without levelling agent. Using six dyes, the investigation compares the performance of 16 levelling and dispersing agents from nine manufacturers. The report compiles the results of a detailed performance analysis, using more than 350 dyeings and documented in 24 A4-pages.

Research Report No 4: Instrumental assessment of light fastness according to ISO 105-B02

Currently, blue wool light fastness assessments are carried out visually because instrumental methods, e.g. using a spectrophotometer, fail as the CIELAB colour difference formula is unreliable for blue shades. In a joint project with Mathis AG of Switzerland and Hugo Boss of Germany, Scientific Software developed a new colour difference formula specifically for blue wool standards. The report details the result of a comparison of visual assessments by professional colour assessors and the new formula and is available free of cost by clicking on the header link.

Research Report No 5: Performance analysis of reactive dyes on cotton

Salt and alkali sensitivity, exhaustion and fixation values and ease of wash off are important properties of reactive dyes but there is little information about them in the public domain. With a view of faciliting dye selection based on quantifiable criteria, these properties were determined for over 50 dyes. Dye-specific results are available through our DyeProfiler app which is available for download here. A summary of the findings is available free of cost by clicking on the header link.

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