On-line dyebath monitoring analysis - the King of analytical methods to optimise dyeing processes

We use the Mathis SmartLiquor dyebath monitor to analyse your dyeing processes in order to determine problems related to colour reproducibility, unlevelness and dye compatibility. An analysis also reveals the potential for saving time, energy and auxiliaries. The test will be carried out on your substrate, with your dyes and chemicals.

On-site dyebath analysis - dyebath monitoring at your factory

Using a portable instrument, one of our engineers carries out the dyebath analysis at your processing site. The measurement principle is identical to the on-line analysis carried out in our laboratory mentioned above. Dyebath samples from the production machine are taken manually at intervals to collect the dyebath. The method is suitable for exhaust as well as for continuous dyeing, including the analysis of rinsing liquors.

One-stop-solutions - give us a problem and get a solution

In case you are facing a dyeing-related problem for which you do not find a solution, we offer our services using a variety of analytical techniques such as microscopy, extractions and spectrophotometry. For our customers, we have found the root cause of, for example, previously inexplicable machine-to-machine colour variability, fabric appearance problems after dyeing and cross-staining issues in fibre blends.

Benchmarking - advice and troubleshooting in your factory

We also benchmark your colour reproducibility in exhaust and continuous dyeing. Using a proprietary method, we express your current level of colour reproducibility in laboratory and production in a single number and compare your performance to the best in industry. In this manner, you get an objective idea of the capabilities of your organisation. We often combine the benchmarking exercise with training sessions. Additionally, we help companies to improve their resource efficiency by reducing water, energy and chemical consumption via process-integrated measures.

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