SmartScan - Software for the scanner-based digital assessment of colours

SmartScan uses selected scanners as colour measurement instrument. The main application area is the assessment of colour fastness tests when SmartScan is an objective and more reproducible method compared to the visual evaluation in a light booth. SmartScan can also be used to evaluate individual colours in multi-coloured prints.

ColourChecker - a low-cost colour sensor for liquids

ColourChecker is an instrument designed for on-line or off-line colour measurements of solutions such as dyebaths, e.g. for process monitoring of bulk dyeing and washing machines. It works similarly to a pH probe but outputs colour values.

DyeProfiler - Software for key application data of reactive dyes

DyeProfiler contains information about important application properties of reactive dyes which are not always available from the manufacturer (e.g. exhaustion and fixation values) but are nevertheless important practically. All data have been determined in our own lab. A description of our test methods is included in the app.

ProcessChecker - Software for the control of liquor ratio, salt and pH

ProcessChecker is software for tightly controlling the key process parameters in the exhaust dyeing of cotton and other cellulosic fibres, thereby increasing lab-to-bulk and bulk-to-bulk colour reproducibility. It provides a pass/fail analysis and the required additions of salt, water and alkali to the dyebath, if any.

SmartFibre - A system for the digital assessment of yarns and fabrics

SmartFibre consists of a state-of-the-art microscope equipped with a digital camera, selected accessories for the analysis of fibre cross sections and proprietary software for image analysis. An important application area is the objective and quantitative analysis of dye fibre penetration, e.g. for fabrics dyed continuously. The system can also be used to assess quality problems of yarns and fabrics.

SmartDye - Simulation software modelling the dyeing with reactive and disperse dyes

SmartDye uses mathematical models to simulate the exhaust dyeing process. The user can input the physico-chemical properties of the dyes and the substrate and the software will calculate the exhaustion profile and the dye distribution inside the fibre. The software is mainly intended as an educational tool to explain the influence of various properties on the dyeing outcome.

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